Shipping by sea

We specialise in handling any type of goods by sea. We make use of area entirely reserved for us by the largest maritime shipping companies.

Our experience and our established networks make international shipping by sea a smooth and flawless experience and allow us to operate optimally at logistical, legal, customs and administrative levels in all ports worldwide, providing you with the best advice on transportation terms and conditions.

The maritime services we provide cover a variety of solutions: full-load or groupage container transportation, door-to-door shipping, cross-trade multi-countries, handling of goods and materials that are large or non-standard in size; all supported by the logistics and consolidating import/export activities at our warehouses.


Complete (FCL) and Consolidated (LCL) containers to/from the main world markets using the space reserved for us by the leading maritime shipping companies

Thanks to an efficient and established network with the leading international maritime shipping companies, we always have reserved spaces for journeys by sea, to and from the main world markets, for complete or consolidated containers.

Regarding consolidated shipping by sea (LCL), we are responsible for grouping the goods of various senders addressed to various recipients (groupage – consolidated maritime shipping): the operation involves the utmost optimisation of the container and handling.

Regarding complete load shipping (FCL), on the other hand, we provide an entire vessel (or several vessels), which will be appropriately selected following an analysis of the type of goods or materials to be transported abroad by sea.

Door-to-door services (cross-trade/multi-countries)

Door-to-door shipping by sea includes the picking-up of goods directly at the premises or home of the sender and delivery directly to the home or premises of the recipient, from the source to the end-user without cross-trade/multi-countries stops.

DTD shipping by sea allows a significant reduction in transit times for transportation: goods depart from the sender and arrive directly to destination, while being monitored and tracked throughout the voyage.

Import / Export consolidation services at our warehouses (CFS/CFS)

Our integrated logistics solutions are tailored to the most demanding import/export requests and requirements.

Our warehouses, CFS (Cargo/Container Freight Station), which are fully fledged logistics centres for port terminals, are fitted with advanced systems, equipment, machinery and working processes that enable us to provide the best import/export service, consolidating the shipments of various suppliers and thereby optimising shipping costs for our customers.

Customs operations with unloading licences, Cites clearance, phytopathological and/or health clearance

Our office that handles the customs operations in connection with international shipping by sea carefully performs all the necessary paperwork for the handling of your goods in compliance with the legislation in each country involved.

We deal with all customs procedures involved in international transportation and shipping by sea:

  • advice on customs procedures and customs regulations
  • submission of documents to the customs authorities
  • customs declaration of goods
  • calculation and payment of customs duties
  • unloading licences
  • cites clearance
  • phytopathological and/or health clearance

Flexibility in the use of maritime shipping companies

Our sea freight shipping service allows you to ship all types of goods on conventional or special ships. Thanks to partnerships with several maritime shipping companies, we are able to use a large fleet of vessels for comprehensive coverage on a worldwide level.

Distribution and collection through our domestic service

Our extensive network allows us to consolidate daily in the main production areas in Italy and this ensures a collection and distribution service that is both quick and frequent.

Continuous tracking of shipments assigned to us from start to final destination

Continuous tracking of shipments by sea allows us to check every movement of the goods we are asked to manage. Regarding international shipping by sea, our logistics lines allow the tracking of every step, including sorting and transit, which is documented to allow you to personally assess the efficiency of the shipping itself.

All Risks” insurance cover

The insurance policies that we stipulate provide “all risks” cover and are therefore all-encompassing and include risk analysis on each shipment by sea: from container to hazardous goods shipping, from industrial waste handling to large machinery transportation.